Vehicle Inspection(V-Inspection) is a software platform for insurance companies, agencies and for surveyor and Loss assessor (SLA's) where they have to prepare a comprehensive vehicle recommendation report for 2 wheeler (scooters, motorcycles), 4 wheeler(cars) and commercial vehicles

The software is extremely useful for following use cases

1) Pre insurance inspection of vehicle
2) Inspection of damage vehicle
3) Valuation of vehicle

The field executive is required to visit the inspection site and captures all the relevent details including pictures, videos and signature of customer. The videos and pictures are stamped with latitude, longitude, date and time are instantly made available at the backend for quality check control and helps in effectively making the digitized recommendation report of vehicle.
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PDF Sample Inspection Report

PDF Sample Valuation Report

PDF Sample Single Report with Pictures

Inspections / Damage or Loss Assessments and Valuations

  • No more paper inspection or hand written report is required as the software has powerful tools which helps to create pdf reports instantly. The software has pre-defined templates which you can use to create your reports. You can even create your own customized pdf templates according to your requirement

  • Create your own sequence list of images which are stamped with gps location, date and time.

  • Add detailing to the broken or damage parts image and write your inspection comments and remarks

  • Store reports on cloud and email whenever required.